Yoga Classes

Yoga classes

Weekly Yoga Class with Pattie Dwyer 

Hatha, Sattva, Jivamukti, Ashtanga

January 14th 

January 21st

January 28th 

February 4th 

Every Tuesday in 2020 



 $20 drop in Cash

Location: Generation Dance Studio 

401-8600 Franklin Ave, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 4G8



200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

March - May 2020 

Investment: $2800 non-refundable deposit of $250

SAVE $300 if register by February 1st 2020

Payment plan available: 4 payments of $700

Location: Westview School 

Are you looking to deepen your yoga practice? If so, this is for you! 

The Satya Yoga Certification will help you develop a strong personal practice, learn proper alignment, sequencing, philosophy and teaching methodology. You will gain a deeper understanding of the science of yoga and of yourself.

This is a practical hands on teacher training that empowers you to explore your own practice thoroughly and confidently instruct others. 

Attending a YTT is a great gift to yourself, this is a time to give back to YOU. This will be an unforgettable experience you will never forgot. 


March 4 wed 6-9pm 

March 7 sat 9-5pm 

March 8 sun 9-5pm 

March 11 wed 6-9pm

March 18 wed 6-9pm

March 21 sat 9-5pm 

March 22 sun 9-5pm 

March 25 wed 6-9pm 

April 1 wed 6-9pm 

April 4 sat 9-5pm 

April 5 sun 9-5pm 

April 8 wed 6-9pm 

April 22 wed 6-9pm 

April 25 sat 9-5pm 

April 26 sun 9-5pm 

April 29 wed 6-9pm 

May 6 wed 6-9pm  

May 9 sat 9-5pm  

May 10 sun 9-5pm 

May 13 wed 6-9pm

May 20 wed 6-9pm

May 23 sat 9-5pm

May 24 sun 9-5pm


SATYA 100 hour Life Style Program

100 Hour SATYA Yoga Lifestyle Program

100 hour is Canadian Yoga Alliance Accredited, this is a program for your personal practice. You will be permitted to attend the YTT for your own sadhana practice.

March - May 2020

Investment: $1100

non-refundable deposit of $250

Location: Westview School 

March 4 wed 6-9pm 

March 7 sat 9-12pm 

March 8 sun 9-12pm 

March 11 wed 6-9pm

March 18 wed 6-9pm

March 21 sat 9-12pm 

March 22 sun 9-12pm 

March 25 wed 6-9pm 

April 1 wed 6-9pm 

April 4 sat 9-12pm 

April 5 sun 9-12pm 

April 8 wed 6-9pm 

April 22 wed 6-9pm 

April 25 sat 9-12pm 

April 26 sun 9-12pm 

April 29 wed 6-9pm 

May 6 wed 6-9pm  

May 9 sat 9-12pm  

May 10 sun 9-12pm 

May 13 wed 6-9pm

May 20 wed 6-9pm

May 23 sat 9-12pm

May 24 sun 9-12pm


Frequently Asked Questions


1: What is the difference between the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and the Life Style Program?

The 200 hour yoga teacher training is for those who are looking to have YTT certificate at the end of the training. This is for all levels. 

The Satya Yoga Lifestyle Program is a 100 hour Yoga Alliance Accredited program for individuals who want to begin or deepen their personal practice.

2: Will I be certified to instruct yoga after completing the 200 hour YTT?

Everyone is unique. Some individuals teach right away, while others take their time and develop a strong practice before teaching others. You will be certified with Canadian Yoga Alliance after completion.  

3: What will I learn?

Yoga Techniques and Practice: 

  • Asana Practice
  • Introduction to basic Pranayama
  • Introduction to meditation
  • Introduction to Sanskrit names
  • Chanting, Mantra, Kriyas

Teaching Methodology: The basics to yoga instruction 

  • Understanding demonstration, assisting, adjusting, observation
  • Assisting: Hands on – Verbal Ques
  • Introduction to sequencing 
  • Discussion on teaching and instruction styles
  • Discussion about Presence in the studio 
  • Introduction to the basics of the business of yoga 

Anatomy and Physiology: The physical and energetic bodies 

  • Physical Anatomy: TBA
  • Introduction to energetic body: nadis, chakras, koshas, vayus

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics: Living your yoga 

  • Discussion of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and 8-limbed path
  • Discussion of service
  • Introduction to Vedic Philosophy
  • Satvic yoga lifestyle 
  • Yoga Ethics 

Required Readings will be announced when you register

4: Is there a payment plan available? What is the cancelation policy?

There are payment plans available. We can work out a plan that works for you. There is non-refundable deposit for each program.   

5: What if I miss a day of the 200hour YTT?

You will have to make up the hours in order to receive a 200hour YTT certificate. This can be discussed between you and the instructor. 

This Program will change your life! 

Client Love

Client Love

"My yoga journey with Pattie has been a very special and personal journey...  I started my yoga journey many years ago, with the insistence of my brother, in hopes of looking for some way to help deal with my manic depression.  Pattie was the key to unlocking what I needed and changed me from that day forward, even though I didn’t realize it yet.  First class I was worried that it was going to be just one of those fad things that people were doing, main stream yoga is what I call it.  Wow was I so wrong.  At the end of the class, during savasana I cried.  It was like those soft words Pattie spoke had pulled all the darkness out and put the light back into me.  Guiding me to a better state of mind.  That was the first time I felt at peace in long long time.  Each class I attended, the better I felt.  Though her classes were always full of other people, it always felt personal.  Through the moves to each pose, to the mantras, the music, the radiation of energy through each breath and ohm was rejuvenating.  Pattie is a wonderful teacher in the practice of true yoga.  And without her teachings, I’d still be lost.  I will be forever grateful for how much she helped me heal."

~ Tina Clewes

Client Love

“My first practice with Pattie in the summer of 2016 was, unbeknownst to me, the beginning of one of the most transformative experiences of my life. While the union with the Self can be found anywhere and in anything, there is something special about a practice with Pattie that cannot be duplicated. Her devotion to the roots of yoga is a stable base upon which her personal style grows and changes, each time creating a unique experience for every person with whom she shares her energy. She guides a practice with both ease and ferocity, and speaks her truth without invalidating other facets of truth. She facilitates a non-judgemental environment, allowing things to be as they are, while setting the stage to dive ever deeper into the realm of possibility. She is a gift to the community and to the world, and a leader by example. She truly is a yogi. “

~Maggie Britton

Client Love

Client Love

"Through classes and workshops with Pattie, I’ve been learning how to balance my mind, body and breath. I leave each time with a sense of connectedness to community and to myself. Pattie embodies love and acceptance, making each student feel welcome and seen. I highly encourage you to come experience her teachings for yourself."


Client Love

"When I first moved to Alberta I had only practiced Bikram yoga and had no experience with even how to hold a downward dog. Pattie was teaching in Fort McMurray and I quickly got hooked on this new to me Hatha yoga at HigherHealth. From the humble beginnings of their tiny little studio that held maybe a max of 10 people, patties classes were always packed. Soon I began to learn why. Pattie would always speak to us about something that was resonating with her in her readings and current events in the world and would inspire us to think of these things and use them as motivation during the difficult parts of the class. She would have absolute beginners following class as well as very experienced yogis going into the deepest aspects of the postures. The atmosphere was always so positive and seeing these impressive long time practitioners accomplishing arm balances and inversions was always encouraged but never pushed. I feel you could truly go to any of Patties classes being an absolute beginner all the way to someone with a dedicated daily practise and everyone in between and totally thoroughly love class and be pushed just to your edge. Once Pattie began playing the harmonium and chanting classes got even more therapeutic for me. At first I was a very athletic lady looking for a stretch to keep my body in balance. And after years of practice I have come to realize how much more therapeutic yoga can be for mental health let alone physical. I have been to a lot of yoga studios trying all different styles and I can honestly say Pattie is the yoga instructor that has most inspired me, please try a class with her and you will just ‘get it’. Namaste"

~Sarah Zacharias